Congratulations! You've done the first step to a brand new you that will feel empowered
and on a positive path to grow, change and well-being.
As a "Heal Your Life"
workshop leader and a personal coach, I am solution-focused teacher, my goal is to help you to uncover you true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.
We can't change difficult situations of our past but allow me to work with you to understand and translate them.Also let me teach you how to change the way you see and feel challanges in your life, instead of see and feel them as
terrible problems and difficulties, they could be an adventure, an opportunity to learn.
We'll experience revolutionary approches and techniques based in Louise L. Hay philosophy, to unravel negative perceptions and long-standing dammiging behavior patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningfull life where you can achieve all your dreams and goals.
Find at the bottom of this page Heal You Life workshops held in
Adelaide, South Australia.



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"Blessings to you for the energy that you brought to the workshop.
Your deep understanding of how our thoughts create our life is so clearly expressed, and your visualizations are perfect for reminding me of simple ways to keep on my path"
Love and light, Liz, NZ

"Nancy's "Feel Good" workshop was very enlightening. Her honesty of her own feelings, provided a new dimension to the workshop.
Nancy's practical exercises were easy and positive which allowed the workshop to be pleasurable, safe and loved"
Trish, Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia

"Thank you so much for your energy, wisdom, and for sharing the potential for complete change and shifts in my life"
Lea, Melbourne, Australia

"You are such a wonderful person, nurturing us through an extraordinary journey.
You brought out the emotions in such a divine and safe space. You are lovable and your love emanates to us all"
Dr. Johann Faizal, Malaysia

"I Feel lighter!!
I honestly believe now that if you really,
really want to change something,it will happen"
Semira, Pennington, South Australia

"I woke up Monday morning after the 2 days workshop feeling a new person,feeling happy with wonderful thoughts.I haven't stop affirming what I have learnt.Dear Nancy,you have helped me to change my life and see how my energy can move mountains.
Big Thank You,I am blessed to have met you"
Sonja, Ridleyton, South Australia

"Faboulous workshop. Felt a shift in how I think about money during the meditations. Great to be around like-minded people, wanting the same changes in life. Easy to feel comfortable in Nancy's presence and the atmosphere she creates. Lovely afternoon"
Lacey, Brooklyn Park, South Australia

"Dear Nancy, thank you for your inspirational words of wisdom at your recent workshops. I have greatly enjoyed attending the ‘Heal your Life’ workshop and the ‘Money and Consciousness’ workshop. This was a perfect fit for my life circumstance. Both workshops provided me with a new way of thinking. My thoughts now can be redirected towards creating a positive outcomes in my life. Many of life’s gifts are right in front of me, I just had to see them and reach out through the power of my thinking to take them. Your guidance with the help of Louise Hay, has shown me how to get every happiness in my life.
 The courses were informative and comfortable. I have met some great like-minded people who are my great friends now. Looking forward to many courses to come"
Todd, Aberfoyle Park, South Australia


   " Seek your own gold.Create your own good health.Fill your life with love and joy.                                  
       Find your own freedom.You are worthy.You do deserve"                                                                                
                                                                                                                          Louise L. Hay                                      
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